Get Well Soon Enclosure Card Messages

1)       Hope you’re back on your feet soon.

2)       Hoping you feel better.

3)       Hang in there. You’ll feel better in no time.

4)       Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

5)       Sending you healing thoughts and a little sunshine to brighten your day.

6)       Wishing you a speedy recovery.

7)       Thinking of you lots and hoping for your speedy recovery.

8)       We hope you feel better because we miss you so much.

9)       Thinking of you during your recovery.

10)   Hope you soon feel at your best–Just as good as new, for nothing but the best of health is good enough for you!

11)   Take special care of yourself. Okay?

12)   This smile has been brought to you by someone who cares very much! Get well soon!

13)   Apple a day didn’t work? Hope these wishes will! Get well soon.

14)   Hope you’re feeling better cause when you’re happy, I’m happy. When you’re smiling, I’m smiling. When you’re sick, I’m lonely. I miss you.

15)   Hope you’re feeling better. Time and rest, gentle healing, and a deep-down cared-for feeling. That’s what you’re wished today. Get well soon!

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