Easter Enclosure Card Messages

  1. Alleluia! Christ is Risen! Sharing with you the miracles of new hope and new life. Have a Joyous Easter
  2. May the glory of our living Lord renew your hopes, your faith, your joy. Have a Blessed Easter Season
  3. An Easter Wish – On this day, may you experience a sweet renewal of faith, hope, and joy.
  4. Easter Greetings – Warmest wishes for a season of sweet discoveries.
  5. Easter Greetings – Wishing you all the good things that Easter time brings!
  6. Wishing you a delightful spring and a very happy Easter!
  7. Easter is a time of reflection and joy when we emerge from our cocoon of doubt to fly freely on the wings of faith. May you be renewed and strengthened in the promise of our Lord.
  8. Happy Easter – You’re wished a basketful of bright springtime smiles!
  9.  Happy Easter to a good egg! A little cracked, maybe, but still a good egg.
  10. Remember, no matter how mature and sophisticated you may become, you never outgrow your need for chocolate bunnies! Happy Easter.
  11. Springtime Greetings – Just poppin’ in to wish you a Happy Easter!
  12. Thinking of You – Wishing you all the lovely gifts of spring.
  13. Look what the bunny found in the carrot patch! Happy Easter!
  14. Some Bunny Loves You.
  15. Hippity, Hoppity Eastertime is here! Happy Easter!



Originally posted on Flowershopnetwork.com/blog.

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