Sansevieria (Mother-In-Law’s Tongue) Plant Care

Sansevieria is an excellent houseplant for beginners to gardening. Sansevieria is very tolerant of neglect, enjoy gritty and less fertile soil, do not require heavy light, and thrive without much water. Sansevieria also flourishes outdoors in warmer climates and make excellent additions to desert gardens, courtyard gardens, and potted plants as patio scenery.

Sansevieria Light Requirements

Also known as Snake plant and Mother-In-Law’s Tongue (Sansevieria trifasciata laurentii), Sansevieria require bright filtered or indirect light. When growing outdoors, plant or position potted plants in areas of partial shade or full light but never in the direct light of the hot sun.

Sansevieria Water Requirements

Sansevieria can tolerate a lack of watering but will fail quickly if over watered. Water plants moderately during the growing season and sparingly during winter. When growing outdoors, protect from over-abundant winter moisture such as heavy snow and cold rain.

Sansevieria Fertilizer Requirements

For potted Sansevieria, grow in two parts soil-based potting mix and one part coarse grit. Sansevieria thrives in neutral to alkaline soil therefore apply a balanced fertilizer (20-20-20) at half strength once monthly.

Sansevieria Pests & Diseases

Sansevieria is susceptible to insects such as vine weevil grubs, mealy bugs, and spider mites. Pathogen are not a common problem for Sansevieria.

Sansevieria Propagation & Potting

To propagate Sansevieria, remove suckers or divide rhizomes in the spring. Leaf sections should be rooted from spring to autumn. Variegated cultivars will not produce variegations if raised from leaf cuttings. Take care not to damage leaf tips as this may stop leaf growth.

Sansevieria trifasciata are quick growing plants and may break pots if not occasionally checked. Repot yearly in fresh, flat pots that are at least one size larger than the previous. Clay pots help balance very top heavy Sansevieria plants.

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