Anniversary Flowers By Year

Each year of marriage comes with new joys, challenges and milestones. Throughout the years it is important to take time to remember the memories made. An anniversary celebration isn’t complete without flowers. A beautiful arrangement has a special way of representing the experiences you have shared. Find the flowers that represent your anniversary year and show the love of your life how much they mean to you.

One Year

Carnations represent young passionate love and the joy that is to come.

Two Years

The lily of the valley represents devotion and the purity of a relationship.

Three Years

The sunflower represents the strong and sturdy foundation of marriage.

Four Years

Hydrangeas represent gratitude and a thankful heart for sacrifices that have been made.

Five Years

Daisies represent the bond of marriage and shared experiences.

Six Years

Calla lilies represent the growth and the beauty of love and each other.

Seven Years

Freesia stands for strength, dignity and faithful love.

Eight Years

Lilac stands for first love and causes couples to remember early emotions.

Nine Years

The bird of paradise is exotic and represents the many adventures that are to come.

Ten Years

Daffodils stand for simple pleasures and an extraordinary life.

Fifteen Years

The classic rose represents the beauty and perfection of love.

Twenty Years

Aster represents wisdom and growth throughout the years.

Twenty-Five Years

The iris represents the royalty and elegance in a long-standing marriage.

Thirty Years

The lily stands for unwavering devotion and strong promises.

Forty Years

The gladioli signifies remembrance and lasting joys.

Fifty Years

The fifty year anniversary is the only celebration with two flowers. Yellow roses and violets are combined to represent earnest congratulations. The two flowers are combined to show the beauty of two individuals committed to each other.

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