10 Reasons to Send Flowers No Matter What Day It Is

It’s a beautiful day. The sun is shining, and you decide to take a stroll. You pass by your local florist and think, “Man! Those are some beautiful flowers. Too bad there’s not really a reason for me to buy some…”

Think again! Flowers aren’t just for special occasions! Here are our top 10 reasons you should send flowers, no matter what day it is.

  1. The flowers look pretty and match your kitchen decor. 
  2. Your neighbor is a single parent, and you know flowers would help brighten their day. 
  3. A woman in your local long-term care facility has no family close by, but she loves a good visit. Flowers will help her remember someone cares. 
  4. You want to let your wife know how proud you are of her. 
  5. You husband needs a plant for his office. 
  6. Because you know he secretly loves flowers. 
  7. Your spouse cooked a nice dinner and you want to add a special touch to the table. 
  8. You made a mistake and want to say you’re sorry. 
  9. You want to cheer yourself up on a Monday. 
  10. You want to say hello to your sibling who lives out of state. 

Head out to your local florist, Bud and Bloom and get your hands on some gorgeous blooms today!

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10 Weird Facts About Alstroemeria

We see alstroemeria in flower arrangements all the time. Their beautiful striped petals have a special way of lighting up a room! There are some weird facts about this flower that make it extremely unique. Keep reading to find out, you might be surprised at what you learn!

1. Alstroemeria is commonly called the Peruvian Lily,  Lily of the Incas or the Parrot Lily.

2. Not all Alstroemeria have striped petals.

3. Alstroemeria is a symbol of wealth, prosperity and good fortune!

4. Alstroemeria stops producing flowers if they get too hot.

5. Alstroemeria flowers have no fragrance. (Great flower if you have any pollen allergies!)

6. There are about 50 species of alstroemeria.

7. The flower is named after the Swedish botanist Baron Klas Van Alstroemer who collected the seeds on a trip to Spain in 1783.

8. Alstroemeria is known as the friendship flower.

9. Alstroemeria has a vase life of two weeks if properly cared for!

10. Peru, Brazil and Chile were the first growers of this flower.

Have alstromeria on the mind now? Call or stop by your local florist, Bud & Bloom to order an arrangement with this beautiful flower for your home today!

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Flower Spotlight: Dahlia

Imagine a flower that comes in almost as many sizes as it does colors. One that has had mysteries named after it and brides can’t seem to get enough of- Dahlias. They are romantic, mysterious, and so varied that they can often be mistaken for other flowers.


Dahlias are native to Mexico and Central America, where they were considered vegetables, not garden flowers. The tubers were introduced in Europe in the 18th century and they became known more for their blooms than their edible roots. The dahlia was brought to Europe by Abbe Cavanille and he named it after the Swedish scientist, Andreas Dahl.


The dahlia has many different meanings, and as with most flowers, this meaning varies by the color of dahlia given. The dahlia most commonly symbolizes dignity, elegance, commitment, diversity, and instability or betrayal.

Fun Facts

The dahlia genus was renamed Georgina in 1803 in error, and is still referred to by this name in some parts of eastern Europe.

The flowers on the dahlia can range in size from one inch to as big as a large dinner plate.

There are more than 40 recognized species of dahlias in existence.

Dahlias come in every color except for true blue and black. Dahlias that are traditionally known as black dahlias are actually burgundy.

They can have single or double flowers, as well as a ball, pompon, cactus, and waterlily types, among others.


The dahlia is often referred to as the most popular flower of the summer and often bloom into the fall. They can usually be found at your florist year round.


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10 Weird Facts About Gerbera Daisies

Being the fifth most popular cut flower in the world, gerberas are a sight to see. They have a long vase life and a wide array of color options. While this flower has gained widespread popularity, there are still many surprising facts left to discover. Keep reading and see if you learn something new about the Gerbera Daisy.

1. Gerbera daisies are available in all colors but blue. (If it’s blue, it’s artificial!)

2. This flower was discovered in 1880 by Robert Jameson while operating a gold mine in Transvall, South Africa.

3. Gerberas have a vase life of up to 14 days!

4. The gerbera flower is actually a cluster of hundreds of individual little flowers.

5. The gerbera is a classic symbol of beauty but it also holds the meaning of cheer. Many believe this symbolism stems from the large assortment of color options.

6. Gerbera daisies were not produced in North America until the early 1920s.

7. Gerbera are known to attract bees and butterflies.

8. Many people place gerberas by their bed to enjoy a better sleep! Gerberas emit oxygen and absorb toxins and carbon monoxide at night instead of during the day like most flowers.

9. Gerberas always turn towards the sun. They track the sun as it moves from east to west.

10. Gerbera is the birth month flower for April.

Call Bud and Bloom and order a beautiful arrangement of gerberas today!

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15 Hot Summer Flowers

If you enjoy having seasonal blooms on your table or in your home, check out this list of some of the most popular summer flowers available June through August. Your florist may not have all of these on-hand every day, but they should be available if you give them a couple days notice.

Rainbow of BloomsSavannah StyleCelebrate the Day

Sensational Summer Flowers

  1. Begonia – These are beautiful flowers that come in large variety of colors. They are native to tropical climates, but can be grown in colder regions of the world during the summer months. This flower traditionally means, beware or be cautious. Sound advice if you are planning on giving these flowers as a gift to your significant other.
  2. Chrysanthemum – These flowers have a long and storied history dating back to before the 15th Century BCE. So if you’re looking for blooms with a little gravitas, these are the flowers for you. They traditionally mean joy or optimism.
  3. Orchid – These delicate blooms represent love, luxury, beauty and strength. They have long been coveted flowers because of their fragile beauty and long lives.
  4. Gardenia  The perfect choice for the secret admirer or the smitten would-be lover. This flower traditionally means secret love and is a wonderful way to let someone know you’re thinking of them.
  5. Gerbera – A popular choice, this flower means innocence, purity and cheerfulness.
  6. Hyacinth – A wonderful flower for professing your devotion, the hyacinth traditionally means constancy. Its name comes from an unsurprisingly tragic tale from Greek Mythology, but then what Greek Myth doesn’t end in tragedy?
  7. Hydrangea – These make a wonderful gift to give after you’ve had a sincere apology accepted. The traditional meaning of hydrangea is heartfelt emotion and gratitude for being understood.
  8. Iris – The iris is another flower whose name hails from the Greeks. It stands for faith, hope, wisdom, courage and admiration.
  9. Lily – The lily may be a flower that has grown alongside mankind as long as there has been a thing such as mankind. As such, it has many different meanings depending on the culture you’re coming from.
  10. Lilac – Oh, those flower loving Greeks, they named another one! It should come as no surprise that so many summer flowers have names that come from the Greek isles. After all, the Mediterranean climate is sort of … summery. The lilac is perfect as a gift from a student to a teacher or from you to your child as the flower traditionally means youthful innocence.
  11. Magnolia – The magnolia tree is a common site throughout most of the South during the summer. It is a gorgeous white blossom that means splendid beauty and dignity and is perfect for that singular love of your life.
  12. Marigold – The marigold is a gorgeous flower that comes in bright, vibrant oranges and reds. It should then come as no surprise that it traditionally means passion and creativity. This makes it the perfect gift for that relationship in the heat of its life.
  13. Peony – The peony is lovely flower that means good fortune and a happy marriage. It is generally considered synonymous with the 12th wedding anniversary.
  14. Poppy – The poppy has a gorgeous bloom and means beauty, magic, consolation, fertility and eternal life. It makes a good gift for many different situations, and its versatility makes it popular.
  15. Rose – I’m sure you’re more than familiar with this extremely popular flower, but it is a summer flower and it’s popularity makes it impossible to leave off this list. Roses have many different meanings based on their color, but the most commonly known is red which means romantic love.

Sweet Georgia PeachSun-Drenched ColorHooray For Summer

Summer is definitely the season for flowers, and as always, the best place to get those flowers is from your local florist. Don’t neglect yourself this warm summer season, buy some flowers for you or a loved one and enjoy the best that nature has to offer!

Contact your local florist, Bud and Bloom to order your summer flowers today!

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Celebrate Summer With Flowers!

Summer is a time for basking in the sunlight, enjoying long walks at the park, beach trips, and cooling off in the pool. School is out and it’s time to relax, recharge and spend time with family. It’s also the perfect time of year for gorgeous flowers. Today is officially the first day of summer and we have some beautiful flower arrangements to start your summer right!

Who doesn’t love waking up to a bright blooming floral centerpiece adorning their kitchen table?  Enjoy nature all day long by bringing the outdoors in. Here are five arrangements that will compliment your home and give it a warm summer feeling.

1. Summer Song
With yellow tulips, peach roses, and blue iris this stunning bouquet lights up a room.

2. Bring on the Happy
This red, yellow and pink arrangement is a crowd favorite. The hot pink gerberas and yellow lilies instantly bring a smile!

3. Lemon Drop Roses
Capture the sunshine with this gorgeous arrangement. You can’t go wrong with blooming yellow roses. This arrangement looks great on a window sill or in an area with natural light.

4. Jubilation!
Add some color to a space with this summer arrangement. The purple carnations and lavender stock give this design a beautiful calming feeling.

5. Hooray for Summer!
This arrangement stands tall and welcomes the warm summer weather. The beautiful bicolored orange circus roses and red mini carnations sing a sweet summer song.

Summer is definitely the season for flowers, and as always, the best place to get those flowers is from your local florist. Pick one of our favorite summer arrangements or customize a design just for you. If you have a vision for it, your local florist can create it.

Contact your local florist, Bud and Bloom to order your favorite bouquet today!

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5 Reasons to Send June ’17

June isn’t the busiest holiday month, however, it still has its fair share of reasons to send. This month we look to honor some very important people, celebrate the official start to summer, and spread beauty. Every day brings a new start and a new day to be thankful for the ones we love. A great way to show that love is a beautiful bouquet of summer flowers.

Rose Month

Knockout, garden, tea, or spray: Each of these roses is beautiful in their own way. Roses come in so many different colors that it’s not hard to see why they are often the stars in floral arrangements. Take some time this month to visit your local florist and purchase a bouquet of roses for someone you love (or even yourself)!

D-Day- June 6th

June 6th, 1944 is a day that changed the course of history. Allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy, France and began the long hard fight to victory. If you know any WWII veterans, send them a patriotic arrangement thanking them for their service or visit a local war memorial and leave flowers to honor our military, past and present.

National Making Life Beautiful Day- June 11th

Brighten someone’s day and help make it a little more beautiful by sending them flowers on National Making Life Beautiful Day. Sometimes it is the small gestures in life that make it beautiful.

Father’s Day- June 18th

Flowers for Father’s Day? You bet! If you’re really not sure about flowers for dad, try sending him a plant for the office or an awesome gift basket full of his favorite treats instead.

First Day of Summer- June 21st

Summer officially starts June 21st. Brighten up your home with a vase of flowers to bring the fun of summer indoors!



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Flower Spotlight – Stargazer Lily

When looking for flowers to dazzle, Stargazer Lilies seem to do that effortlessly. With their vibrant colors and delicious fragrance, it’s hard not to take notice of this oriental hybrid!

Origins and Symbolism
Originating from California in the early 70s, this perennial has added to the already famous legacy of the lily, so it’s no surprise that this striking bloom has a variety of meanings.

Used to congratulate or for sympathy, Stargazers symbolism varies due to their color. Whites represent purity, while bright pinks and reds express aspiration and prosperity.

To Consider
Although this beauty looks beautiful planted or cut, caution is given to those who have feline friends.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals reports this plant can be toxic to cats, causing vomiting, kidney failure and even death.

Named ‘stargazer’ because their blooms face the sky, these flowers are available late-summer.

Used in arrangements as well as bridal bouquets, they always astonish any receiver lucky enough to gaze at its star-like petals.

Make sure to head to Bud & Bloom to find this flower in an arrangement!

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Air-Filtering Plants For Your Home

As we head into a new season, a lot of us start preparing for allergies. However, did you know that there are plants that can purify the air you breathe and help during allergy season?

In our air, we have many toxins that mostly derive from products we may use in our household. NASA conducted a Clean Air Study to determine which indoor plants are the best for air filtering. As it turns out, many are commonly found at local flower shops!


Here is part of an infographic by Love The Garden that outlines the 18 air-filtering plants that NASA recommends for improving your air quality. Click the photo to read the full infographic! Once you have determined which plant is right for you, contact Bud & Bloom Florist to find your perfect air-purifying plant!

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Flower Spotlight: Gerbera

Gerberas top the charts as the fifth most popular flower in the world. Their dramatic appearance and ability to last up to two weeks in a vase has made this flower famous. This bloom comes in a variety of bright and pastel colors, making it perfect for any occasion.

Origins & Symbolism

Gerberas are named after Trauggott Gerver, a botanist and physician from Germany in 1737. The flower originates from South Africa, Asia, and South America.

The Gerbera Daisy is a symbol of innocence, purity and cheerfulness. It is a member of the family of daisies, asters and sunflowers. Legend has it that the Gerbera is a symbol for modesty. According to the legend, a nymph, so incredibly beautiful, was never left alone by suitors. She was so tired of being followed that one day the nymph, in order to have peace, decided to turn herself into a Gerbera Daisy.


Surprisingly this beautiful flower has only been around flower shops for about thirty years now. Gerbera flowers grow about seven inches wide with layers of small thin petals. The flower can be pink, red, orange, yellow, cream or white. Gerbera daisies pair beautifully with other flowers, foliage and textures.

To Consider

This flower is actually a herbaceous perennial. In the right conditions, the flower can die back to the ground but will regrow from parts of the plant that remain alive underground.

Many plant experts have chosen the Gerbera Daisy as the top choice for individuals with sleep apnea. Scientists say that sleeping in an area with lots of oxygen increases the duration of sleep. This plant absorbs toxins and carbon monoxide, emitting plenty of oxygen at night.

Visit your local florist and you will find not only gerberas but many more astonishing blooms! If you can’t decide what arrangement or flower to get, ask for advice! The best part of dealing with your local florist is the personalized attention.

 Click here to order a fresh arrangement with Gerberas for your home today!


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