Woven Tapestry Throw Online Catalogue

We offer a large selection of woven tapestry throw designs and verses. They can be delivered folded, or displayed on an easel with a bow. Please call us for pricing, details and to place your order. These are available for local delivery only. They cannot be wired out, as not all florists carry this item. Subject to availability. We may not have all of these designs currently in stock, so please choose a few that you like and have those options ready when you call.

Here are the designs that we carry and may be available to order today:
12Throws Page 3

4567891011Throws Page 12

13Throws Page 14

Throws Page 15

1617181920212223-123-224-124-225Throws Page 26

26-227Throws Page 28


Throws Page 32

Throws Page 33

Please call us at 317-831-3333 for any questions or to place your order. To return to our website, click here. Thanks!

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