Sweetest Day Enclosure Card Messages

  • This is Sweetest Day-a day inspired by the love and friendships we all cherish.
  • You put the “sweet” in Sweetest Day.
  • A wish for you on Sweetest Day. May you be as good and kind to yourself as you always are to everyone else!
  • Because you are so special, so nice in every way. This brings you loving wishes for a happy Sweetest Day!
  • Hope your Sweetest Day is sprinkled with all different kinds of happy!
  •  Wishing you a happy Sweetest Day in the sweetest way!
  • Hi! It’s me! Happy Sweetest Day! Guess that’s all I have to say!
  • Wishing you a golden sun to fill your world with light, a gentle breeze to help your dreams take flight, and a Happy Sweetest Day.
  • For all of the sweet TLC that you share, for all your attention, for just being there. This brings love to a friend who’s beyond all compare! Happy Sweetest Day!
  • You make love and happiness grow all around you! Happy Sweetest Day.

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Originally posted on Flowershopnetwork.com/blog.

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